Adriana Chechik Is Always In The Mood For Rough Sex

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Adriana Chechik is married to a millionaire. He developed his one of the most popular mobile phone apps and you probably know his real name. But what you don’t know is the name Adriana calls him, Slave Fluffy. Or just fluffy if she’s in a good mood. Fluffy is a cuckold. He has used his vast fortune to maintain a sizeable lifestyle. His beautiful home, his beautiful wife, and to please her as much as possible. It’s how a guy like Fluffy goes up against a woman like her Adriana Chechik. One of the main things Fluffy has to offer is his bull to keep his wife Adriana sexually satisfied. We all know Fluffy couldn’t get a woman like Adriana because of his looks. So when she’s horny, Fluffy has to stop whatever he’s doing (even coming home from work if necessary) to find her cops. And when he does, there are no limits to Adriana Chechik’s mischief!!!