Britney Amber Is A Cheater

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You will see the happiest couple in the whole world…and what makes them so happy?  Hubby, on the other hand, knows Britney Amber is a cheater. He is very upset when he finds out that Britney Amber is cheating on him, and not only does he break the news to Britney that he knows she is a cheater, but when is the right time to tell her it’s okay. Hubby loves to fool around with him and just wants to see him from time to time. Well, today is that day. When Hubby shows up early from work the workers are done to fix something so here we go! My husband ruined the party and freaked out everyone… I thought my husband was okay Until I let everyone know. He orders the Bulls to finish the job they started after assuring Britney Amber that he wasn’t mad at all. Life begins to give a show…one of many to come. Like I said… the happiest couple in the world.