Pristine Edge Is My Favorite Porn Star

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Everyone meets Pristine Edge and her man, Trent. They are strange. Trent likes to marry a slut. They meet at Pristine’s workplace — a striptease! And after marrying her, Trent asks Pristine Edge to continue working as a stripper. In fact, he loves walking into the club just to see her lap in front of hot guys! It didn’t take long before they invited the girls – and the boys – into their rooms! Now… what would a guy give for his wife’s 30th birthday? His dirty thirties?!? What about her favorite porn star?? Trent and Pristine LOVE watching porn and they love interracial porn! Pristine Edge was in love with Lexington Steele, so Trent contacted him on social media…and now the only one is in their living room, making love to one of the most famous porn actors in the world.! Lex will fuck Pristine while Trent masturbates his white dick like a monkey in the zoo! When it’s time to explode, Pristine Edge is a good slut wife, leaving her brand new breasts to be used as trash!!